Auditmaker is a tool for medical professionals to create, collect and analyse clinical audits

How it works

Auditmaker, is a generic online tool for clinical audits. It allows clinicians and administrators to create and conduct online clinical audits without needing any expertise with databases of IT systems.

With Auditmaker there is no need to employ expensive web designers. Auditmaker gives you complete control over the structure and content of the clinical audit, and provides detailed reporting for collation and analysis of the results.

Just 3 steps


Auditmaker give you complete control to create and modify detailed online audits using an easy to use interface. You can create audits from scratch or build from a library of pre existing templates.


Publish audits and collect responses online. Audits can be saved partially completed and completed at a later date.


See the results of your completed audits. Filter by question or respondent and export your data.

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