Auditmaker is Copyright © 2007–2014 Sepehr Shakib.


Auditmaker is still under active development. While every effort has been made to ensure that it is robust and reliable, it is important that you understand that you use Auditmaker at your own risk.


Auditmaker is a web-based, hosted application, which means that Internet connectivity will affect the application's availability. Auditmaker is hosted by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in Sydney, Australia, which means availability from our end is very high. If there is a problem with Internet connectivity at your end, though, Auditmaker might be unavailable for you until the problem is solved.


Audit questionnaires are only deleted at your request, but we cannot warrant against accidental data loss. Ensure that you always keep a copy of your questionnaires. Your questionnaires can be printed from within Auditmaker.

Audit data is only deleted at your request, but we cannot warrant against accidental data loss. Ensure that you retain the original copies of all of your data. If data entry is being performed directly by third parties, make sure they keep the original copies of their data, or that you export and back up the data from your audits regularly.


Auditmaker is hosted by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at a secure hosting facility in Sydney, Australia. Amazon provides an Overview of Security Processes related to their EC2 service. Auditmaker does not currently use a secure protocol between your browser and the server. Information is sent over the Internet in the clear. Auditmaker does not currently use encryption to store your data on the server. Information is stored on the server in the clear. You should take care to avoid entering data that identifies patients in your audits. Most clinical audits are structured to deal only with anonymised data—that is, there are no patient-identifying details required by most clinical audits. In the rare circumstance that you want or need to collect patient-identifying data, you need to be fully aware of the security and privacy issues involved, as Auditmaker provides no special facilities to ensure the security of your data.

Accuracy of results

Although we have tested Auditmaker extensively, and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of any results provided by the system, there may be residual bugs. You must take care to verify your own data, as well as any results provided by Auditmaker if you intend to rely on those results.


Your privacy

Auditmaker collects some minimal personal information from each user, including a name and email address. This information is for internal use by the application, and is not shared with any third parties at any time.

Your data

We cannot make any guarantees about the security of your audit data. The disclaimer above goes into greater detail about data security issues. In general, you should not be entering any data into Auditmaker which could later be used to identify a patient or other subject, as we cannot guarantee the security of this data.


The following software is used by Auditmaker under license: