On this page you can download Auditmaker templates. These are part or whole audits which you can use as the basis for creating new audits. These templates have either been created by the authors of Auditmaker or other users in the Auditmaker network.

There are currently four different types of audit templates which you can download:

  1. >Question types (e.g., yes/no, numerical severity ratings, Likert scales, categorical severity ratings)
  2. >Components of audits (e.g., patient demographics templates)
  3. >Comorbidities (e.g., Charlson comorbidity index, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal comorbidities)
  4. >Entire audits (which can be used in parts of other audits as templates)

Submit a template If you would like to contribute an audit template to this library, please send the template file to us. Please include a descriptive title, description and your contact details for attribution.

Whole Audits

Question Types